The history of supersammy can be traced back to 2014 when we encountered our first Samoyed, Yehyeh. Initially, we knew little about formal breeding, pedigrees, or genetic inheritance, simply seeking convenience by purchasing our first Samoyed from a pet store in Toronto.

However, this dog changed our lives. Through Yehyeh, we learned how to properly care for dogs, select appropriate training methods, and gained experience as dog owners. Our interest gradually focused deeply on the Samoyed breed.

Soon after, we decided to find a suitable Samoyed breeder and began our breeding journey, establishing supersammy. Over the past 10 years, supersammy has accumulated extensive experience and expanded into various services beyond Samoyed and Shiba Inu breeding, including boarding, grooming, retail, and training.

In 2023, we completed our first professional kennel, enhancing the living environment for our breeding dogs and further improving the quality of our boarding and grooming services.

We place great emphasis on the health and improvement of our dogs during the breeding process. Each dog undergoes OFA genetic health testing and temperament screening before breeding, and annually we introduce top-tier bloodlines from overseas to continually update our DNA database. In recent years, we have achieved numerous accolades at dog shows.

Currently, our Samoyeds have advanced to the 3rd generation of the supersammy lineage, while our Shiba Inus are in the 2nd generation of supersammy inu lineage. Looking ahead, we will continue our efforts to cultivate and develop high-quality bloodlines, providing excellent service and support to dog owners.